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About us

The journey to advocating for the health of our family began when my 17 year old son was  a 6 month old baby and we were told he had asthma & eczema. Only after several rounds of needless antibiotics, and steroid treatments,  I did research and discovered on my own, that it was an allergic reaction to the introduction of formula in his diet. From there I began learning about natural health, nutrition and the amazing benefits of essential oils.  I was hooked!  Over the years .....a girl in her kitchen, a strong desire for natural, healthy information and a love of creating.....Bella Creations skin care was born.  I'm proud to say that after decades of struggling with severe cystic's now completely under control, thanks to BC Gold.   You will find that these products feed and nourish your skin, you will love all the YUMMY ingredients!  Enjoy and thank you for finding us.